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HOTEL MARRIOTT MARSEILLE PRADO VELODROME : Chambermaids on strike for fair wages !

CNT Solidarité Ouvrière /12 novembre 2018   


Since Monday, Novembre 12th 2018, the Marriott Prado Velodrome Hotel chambermaids, are on strike with their union, "CNT - Workers Solidarity".

The strike will continue until their claims are satisfied.

Altough they work for the Marriott Prado Velodrome Hotel, these workers are employed by a subcontractor firm called STN GROUPE. Neither of the two companies feels responsable for the workers nor answers their requests.

The workers are asking for better work conditions (mainly, the respect of their work schedule) and advantages (13th month wage, Sundays paid 50 % more per hour instead of the current 20 %, etc.)

This strike is not isolated.

It resonates with the fight of the STN workers in the Parc Hayt Hotel in Paris, who have been on strike since the 25th september with their CGT-HPE Union, and most of all, with the 8000 workers of the MARRIOTT GROUP in the US who also have been on strike for over a month.

It is time for the MARRIOTT GROUP and its subcontractors to share the wealth produced by their workers !

Solidarity accross the borders and between the workers !!!